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TDI JJ-CCR Courses

Entry level to Trimix


TDI / RAID JJ-CCR 30m No deco


4 days - £695 

DISCOUNT for two or more!


Karl, Bay Divers' lead instructor has owned and been using the JJ-CCR since before the unit went through CE accreditation in 2011. An ex Military Diving Supervisor and advanced trimix CCR diver he has amassed several hundred of hours of CCR trimix diving in locations such Scapa Flow, English Channel, Irish Sea, Malin Head,  Malta, Egypt, the Persian Gulf, Truk Lagoon and four times in South Africa on wreck & Coelacanth hunting expeditions diving to depths in excess of 100 metres. 

We offer JJ-CCR try dives & training courses from entry level to 60m normoxic trimix or Mod2. 

TDI/RAID JJ-CCR Adv Nitrox /
Deco Pros / Deco 45 / Helitrox (45m)


4 day ANDP 45- £795

5 day Helitrox/Deco 45 - £895
DISCOUNT for two or more!


TDI JJ-CCR Normoxic 
Trimix (60m)


4-5 days - £950
DISCOUNT for two or more!

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