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TDI / RAID JJ-CCR Mod 2 Trimix

4 days - £950

You're already a closed circuit technical diver, this course is designed to take you to a 60 metre depth rating carrying multiple stage cylinders in the unlikely event of bailout from depth.

Ideally, at this level you should have your own unit, but if you'd prefer we can rent you a JJ-CCR for £100 per day for the duration of your course. 


Skills include


Gas physiology including ICD/gradient factors

Formula work

Dive tables/Dive planning

Decompression planning

Team diving considerations

Pre dive checklists

Diving skills

You should by now have good awareness, buoyancy control, propulsion techniques & communication skills in the water.

With your diluent/bail out gas at 16% o2, the list is not exhaustive,  we will further refine & teach the following:

Loop volume management

Failure scenarios

Offboard plugins

Cylinder exchanging

Open circuit bail out ascents

Rescue scenario

Effective & effortless SMB deployments mid water

In water decompression



  • Existing JJ-CCR Deco40/45m/Helitrox diver equivalent  

  • CPR, O2 provision & rescue diver certification

  • 25 logged dives & 25 hours on the unit

  • 20 dives deeper than 30m, 10 of

which staged deco dives on CCR



You'll be given your online manuals which come with lifetime access and updates and you'll be guided through this, it has to be complete before we conduct the open water training. The emphasis is strongly on dive planning, to have and effective & robust plan in place, should your CCR fail at the worst time, at the end of the bottom phase, do you have enough open water gas to complete your decompression obligation. It can be a vast difference which has caught out many a CCR diver. You'll cover new topics such as ICD & gradient factors & discuss new discoveries in the world of all things technical diving. A great & very rewarding course!


Online manuals with lifetime access to latest updates

Certification Fee



The cost of your own & instructor's gas is not included for the course duration, however your Instructor will come fully 'gassed up' prior to the course. You'll also have to cover your own sofnolime & entry fees/boat fees where applicable.

What's next

You'll need to rack up 100 hours on your CCR, 30 dives deeper than 30m on your unit, 10 dives deeper than 50m & at least 20 dives that require staged decompression. Do that and you're at the absolute bare minimum requirement to be considered for your advanced trimix CCR 100m course. DIVE ON!

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