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We train using a couple of agencies, namely RAID & TDI. The latter is one of the forefathers of technical diving and a very respected & well known agency the world over. For recreational diving we choose to make the switch from another large agency just after the CV-19 pandemic. We now use DiveRAID, the benefits to the student diver are extremely beneficial, your materials have free access for life with free updates, an ultra modern system you also can view, download & print course materials from ANY scuba diving course, entry level to instructor, wreck, cave, CCR, you name it. All FREE! You can even attempt the quizzes & this will save if/when you ever proceed onto the course proper. It's recognised the world over & interchangeable as well as others which are accredited by the Scuba Training Council such as SSI, PADI, SDI, NAUI, CMAS etc.

Explorer 30 

Advanced 35

The mark of competence

The certification of a truly competent diver. The Explorer 30 course is RAIDs equivalent to many other agencies' 'Advanced open water' course which not only adds credibility but gives you the qualification to dive to dive to 30 metres, if you've opted to do the extended Advanced 35, then it's a 35 metre qualification. It is widely recognised that there are greater attractions, such as shipwrecks at this depth or perhaps you need this qualification to progress.

There’s a lot to it, the open water course has taught you to dive – now the toolbox is out and you’ll learn how to use specific equipment underwater tailored to the dive you’re actually doing.

Explorer 30 is the gateway to Rescue Diver, any agency.

Gateway to Beyond

This is a pivotal step in expanding a diver's knowledge and experience and a prerequisite before enrolling on the Divemaster course and becoming a dive professional. Already competent in their own ability Rescue Divers now learn to look beyond themselves and to consider the safety and well-being of other divers and respond accordingly should a situation arise. The course introduces the necessary skills required in the unlikely event of a diving accident and builds your confidence providing you with valuable experience in emergency management. You will learn to deal with tired, panicked and unresponsive divers and learn in water resuscitation and egress techniques. A pre-requisite qualification to become a Divemaster.

Learn to Teach

You'll already be a qualified Rescue Diver from any agency, looking to hone & further develop your skills to commence teaching, guiding and mentoring students & travelling divers looking for new experiences. The course will take as long as you need and you'll get to have exposure to dealing with new students under professional guidance from the get go. A fun and thoroughly engaging course which will ensure you gain competence on attaining the grade of Divemaster - A certification of true excellence & your first rung on the instructional ladder.

Instructor Development Program

Instructional Excellence

As a qualified Divemaster you are now ready to progress to the Instructor Development Program (IDP). Many Instructor Candidates find themselves with considerable ‘skill fade’, perhaps it’s been a while since your DM course or perhaps you feel you need a sharpen up before the intense Instructor course ahead.

Refresher Course

If you have not dived for six months or more you will need to complete a refresher course to put your diving status back in date.

Come and scuba away the cobwebs  at one of our sites in Pembrokeshire or Gower.

Guided Dives

Click the link on the homepage to learn more about our guided dives either along the Gower Peninsular or the hugely popular Pembrokeshire coast, in the conservation area where fishing is banned. You'll see a huge array of life and at Martin's Haven you may well see one or two resident seals, octopus & more! Give us a ring below to discuss further. 

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