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Owner, Instructor Trainer


Advanced Trimix Instructor

JJ-CCR Rebreather Instructor

First Aid, O2 & Multi speciality Instructor

HSE First Aid at Work Instructor

A former Military Diving Supervisor with 28 years diving experience, Karl is a highly experienced open & closed circuit Instructor in both TDI (Technical Diving International) & RAID. An Instructor Trainer he is able to train aspiring Instructors with Instructor Courses delivered in Wales. He has dived extensively throughout the UK and all over the world both in the work and recreational environments in far flung places such as the Med, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, South Africa, Far East, North & South Pacific and throughout Australasia. His passion is deep wreck diving using his JJ-CCR rebreather & has particularly enjoyed the sites such as Scapa Flow, Malin Head and the world renowned sunken Japanese WW2 fleet of Truk Lagoon in the Pacific. He has also participated in some exciting wreck hunting expeditions around the world including one looking for missing WW2 submarines and the hunt for the Coelacanth fish in sub 100m canyons off the coast of South Africa. One such project found a long lost shipwreck whilst looking for another miles off the South African coast for which he found himself live on television at the ITV studios. He also enjoys teaching aspiring technical divers and introducing experienced divers to the 'silent world' using the world renowned & highly reputable JJ-CCR rebreather but can also can be often found diving the many sites in and around the Martime Conservation Zone in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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