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RAID DECO 60 / TDI Normoxic Trimix

Four days - £795 
DISCOUNT for two or more!

Course Outline


Helium has lots of advantages as a breathing gas, it’s lighter with less molecules therefore we absorb less inert gas extending our bottom time & offsetting narcosis. We calculate equivalent air/narcotic depths & maximum operating depths giving us our required mixes, towards the end of the course you'll be in the water with three different gas mixes. 

You'll learn the following:

  • Equipment selection & preparation

  • Advanced dive planning

  • END/EADs

  • CNS & OTUs

  • ICD

  • Deco gas choices

  • Emergency and contingency planning

  • Decompression diving procedures

    • Drills & skills including shutdowns 

    • Following a decompression schedule

    • Multiple gas switching & accelerated deco procedures with 2-3 stage cylinders

    • Team awareness and communication



  • Entry level technical diver course from any agency

  • 65 logged hours or 100 logged dives

  • 20 hours between 30 - 50m

  • 10 logged decompression dives

Knowledge Development

On-line training materials to work through with dedicated teach-ins prior to the final stages of the course.

r. What is not included?

You will be liable for your & your Instructor's gas & boat fees if applicable. Travel to and from the training locations and open water sites are your responsibility & the latter stages of the course will have to be completed off a boat on the south coast of England or in Pembrokeshire. We also organise several technical diving weekends/trips and it's always possible to complete your course with us when away.

Get Involved

Morriston Leisure Centre, Swansea

07515 878 378

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