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Speciality Courses

Discounts for TWO or more

Courses are one or two days in duration, cost includes your course materials, air fills where applicable & certification fees. If you'd like to use a boat, your & your Instructors boat fee exempt. Full equipment rental available! 


RAID Wreck Diver

£395 - 2 days, 4 dives 
Discount for two or more
One day on a ‘live’ wreck

Planning and executing safe and limited wreck penetration with specialist equipment. You’ll learn several methods of wreck navigation, propulsion techniques & you will dive a ‘live’ wreck as a part of your course.

Your & Instructor’s boat fee not included,

if applicable.

Minimum qualification – Advanced open water or equivalent.

RAID Deep Diver

£395 - 2 days, 4 dives
Discount for two or more

Plan and conduct deep dives to 40 metres considering increased air consumption, temperature changes, shorter no-decompression limits and physiological effects such as nitrogen narcosis whilst developing your basic dive physics and physiology knowledge. A prerequisite course for those who wish to get into technical diving. RAID can offer the final dive using mild trimix.

Minimum qualification – Advanced open water or equivalent.

RAID Advanced Wreck Diver

£395 - 2 days, 4 dives 

Discount for two or more

One day on ‘live’ wreck

We’ll further build on the skills you’ve learned on your  wreck diver course learn how to access wrecks in a safe manner, wreck dive site selection, advanced wreck diving equipment and wreck penetration and associated emergency management. You’ll also dive a ‘live’ wreck as a part of your course.

Your & Instructor's boat fee not included,

if applicable.

Minimum qualification – Deep diver

(40 metre) qualification from any agency.


£225 - One confined dive, one day in open water (two dives) 

Discount for two or more

In UK waters and particularly during winter months, a drysuit is certainly an essential piece of diving equipment ensuring warmth & comfort, extending your dive time. This course is an introduction to dry suit diving and helps you develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary for dry suit diving.

RAID Nitrox Diver

£145 - One dry day

Extend your no-decompression limits whilst minimising your surface interval time, you’ll be trained to use enriched air with 22-40% oxygen content. It develops the knowledge required to plan, analyse and use an Enriched Air Nitrox mix for recreational and no decompression diving. You’ll learn to analyse and tag a Nitrox cylinder, plan for a maximum ppO2 of 1.4 ata at target depth and understand the planning required to deal with oxygen toxicity and effects of CNS and OTUs.

Nitrox dive on request.

RAID Ecological Diver

£195 - 1 day, 2 dives 

Discount for two or more

The academic manual focuses on:

• The goals and challenges of marine conservation

• A holistic understanding of the ocean environment

• Anthropogenic, or human-caused threats to the ecosystem

• Current conservation strategies including proactive methods of repairing damage and the value of premeditated efforts influenced by monitoring and evaluation

• How scientific efforts influence policy

• Systemic behavioural changes that can accelerate conversation efforts

Concentrating on buoyancy, trim, propulsion and observation exercises.

First Aid.jpeg
Scuba Equipment
Oxygen Provider.jpeg

RAID First Aid

£145 - One day

Regardless of if you are a diver or not, there are always accidents waiting to happen, one day, you could make a difference and save someone's life. Whether you’d like to learn first aid, require a refresher or require it for your Rescue Diver course this course is based on internationally recognised medical guidelines for emergency care. Broken into two components, Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) the course is structured to help you remember emergency care procedures and apply these skills in times of need. You’ll have access to course materials and you’ll be applying this knowledge through practical sessions.

Equipment orientation

£125 - One day

The Equipment orientation is a non certificated course but you will get to see not only how your equipment works such as regulators, cylinders, BCDs/wings etc but you will see and discuss many other pieces of dive equipment, from different types of drysuit, reels/SMBs, torches, masks&fins right through to technical diving equipment. You'll understand the reasoning behind twinset diving & get an appraisal of technical diving. As part of the course, you'll see and discuss a stripped down rebreather to give you a little understanding of what CCR diving is all about & you'll get to pick the brains of experienced technical divers with several decades of experience in this field. 

RAID Emergency
Oxygen Provider

£145 - One day

You’ll learn to recognise signs and symptoms and treatment of decompression illness/sickness, lung expansion injuries and barotraumas and how to deliver 100% oxygen to victims of diving accidents. You’ll learn about different types of oxygen provision equipment and learn competency in its delivery, making a dramatic difference in the diver's immediate condition before we get the patient into the nearest recompression chamber for subsequent treatment. An annual requirement for HSE divers.

night diver.jpeg

RAID Night / limited visibility diver

£195 - Two night dives

Discount for two or more

This course introduces you to the planning, procedures, hazards and joys of night diving. You’ll use torches & chemical sticks both underwater and on the surface and we like to use a site in Pembrokeshire to conduct the course where you’ll observe very different patterns of behaviour of the sealife that we’ll observe. The course will develop your confidence to conduct night dives – thoroughly enjoyable!

RAID Search & Recovery

£195 - 1 day, 2 dives 

Discount for two or more

Perhaps you've had an introduction to search patterns on your Advanced Open Water course/Explorer 30. We'll further develop this knowledge and educate you in a range of search patterns to be used depending on conditions and underwater topography.  You’ll get to practice on land before getting in the water to put your knowledge into use in order to locate and recover sunken objects using specialist and bespoke lifting devices.

£195 - 1 day, 2 dives 

Discount for two or more

Whatever level of diver you are this will place massive emphasis on your buoyancy control whilst perfecting your trim & propulsion techniques using your current configuration. As we do the vast majority of our diving in the sea there is a big emphasis on planning, expanding your knowledge of the natural environment such as learning about tidal conditions such as spring & neap tides, slack water times, navigation & safety procedures.  You will also conduct dry practical stress tests, learn/refresh line skills, focus on emergency procedures, SAC rates & SMB ascents.

Diving with Fish
PADI TEC45_1.jpg

RAID Navigation

£195 - 1 day, 2 dives 

Discount for two or more

Navigation is key to any dive, especially in limited visibility. You’ll learn how to use a wide range of skills including the natural environment, in conjunction with your compass and methods to estimate travelled distance to get the best from your dives.

RAID Compressor Operator

£145 - 1 day

Spend the day learning the fundamentals of cylinders, understanding test dates, intervals, charging pressures, understanding data on cylinders & focussing on the compressor that is used within your dive club/school. You'll learn basic compressor theory, how to conduct checks & basic maintenance.

Not a service course!

Twinset / Intro to Tec

£245 - Confined & One day in open water - 2 dives
(Includes complete twinset set-up)

Carrying too much lead on your dive? Wish to longer be contained by your consumption or perhaps you'd like to learn more about technical diving. You can attend this course straight from Open Water course! 

Includes full twinset setup including regulators. You won't look back!

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