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Pool try dive - £75
One day in open water - £195

POOL TRY DIVE - One hour theory followed by an hour in the pool


DAY EXPERIENCE - A much more detailed experience, we will arrive with one unit completely stripped down and explain every significant component step by step as we build. At the end of the morning you will have a reasonable working knowledge of how rebreathers work with detailed unit of this incredible tried and tested machine. You will then get to dive the unit in limited open water to a maximum depth of 12 metres with a target time of an hour, or more if you wish!

Cost & what's included   

POOL - £75


We'll give you that money back too if you come on your Mod1 course with us (air dil or 45m trimix)

Our gut instinct is if you do one of these experiences with us, you'll want to invest in your own JJ-CCR & experience the benefits that come with it!

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