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One day in open water - £150

The day experience is just that, a day where we meet, with one unit built and one unit completely stripped down. You’ll spend the morning being shown the component parts of the rebreather and how it works as we build it ready for our try dive in the afternoon where you will get to experience silent CCR diving first hand. In a controlled environment constrained by depth, you’ll practice your buoyancy which is completely different to that of open circuit diving and enjoy a pleasure dive whilst completing some basic, yet fundamental CCR skills.


Should you complete your JJ-CCR day experience and go on to enrol on a JJ-CCR course with us, we’ll discount your training costs by £100!

Cost & what's included   

The course costs £150 and includes:

JJ-CCR hire

Gas & Sofnolime for your & your Instructor's CCR.

What is not included       

The JJ CCR day experience/try dive can take place at NDAC Chepstow if you wish, there is a fee of £17 per student per day payable directly to the centre.

What's next?   

By now you’ll understand what the advantages are of rebreather diving over open circuit diving are and you may be committed to investing in your very own unit. We can get you enrolled on a JJ CCR no decompression course to dive the unit to a maximum depth of 30 metres. If you’re already a technical diver we can take you straight onto RAID’s CCR Deco 40 or TDI’s CCR Decompression Procedures course.