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TDI/RAID Air Dil No Deco: 4 days - £795
TDI Advanced Nitrox Deco Procedures: 4 days - £795
RAID Deco 45 / TDI Helitrox 45m Trimix: 5 days - £895
Discounts for two or more

If you haven't done your deep or nitrox qualification, fear not we can get you up to air diluent 30m diver in four days but this course is ideally suited to those with a deep and nitrox qualification as a minimum. We can then work with you getting you up to your qualification depth of 45m on day five using trimix with up to 35% helium! 

If you're also a CCR diver on another unit & want to crossover onto this unit, give us a call to discuss.

We will run the course at Vobster Quay and on the final day we have some options to gain some depth for your qualification dive. You'll be liable for your and your instructors gas, entry fees and boat fees where applicable, get in touch for more detail!

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