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TDI Helitrox / RAID Deco 50

TDI Helitrox - 5 days -£795
RAID Deco 50 - 6 days - £895 

Course Outline

You don't need to be a technical diver to enrol on either of these courses, we can straight there as long as you are a deep and nitrox diver from any agency. If you already have Deco 40 or TDI Decompression procedures we can bolt on the Helitrox package (45m trimix) for £150, 1 to 1. If progressing to RAID Deco 50 from Deco 40 or equivalent we'd need two days - £350.

These courses will develop your skills further and introduce helium into the dives, although you may have used helium prior on the RAID Deco 40.  We’ll further extend your bottom time & depth rating whilst reducing the narcotic quality of nitrogen. 


Knowledge Development

You will be given access to your on-line training materials to work through with the guidance of your instructor before we concentrate on your practical training, you can also print these if you like. Your theory will also focus more on dive planning, with you required to have a sound understanding of oxygen and helium as a diving gas and calculating such things as central nervous system and oxygen tracking units. 

What is not included?

Travel to and from the training locations and open water sites are your responsibility. The cost does not include your or your instructor's gas or boat fees. We can rent stage cylinders, stage regulators and even twinsets at reasonable cost.

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