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ONE DAY   £175
Full twinset hire £50

The Generic Intro to Tech course designed for already qualified recreational divers to have an introduction into diving with a twinset with all it’s advantages.

The specific skills this course will highlight are:

  • Gear Configuration and Selection.

  • Buoyancy, trim & propulsion (The big three!)

  • Gas Management.

  • Situational Awareness.

A perfect course for not only those who wish to see what it’s like to dive a twinset but also a useful stand-alone course for the diver who wants to become a more skilled & proficient diver. Also used as a refresher course for already technical divers who have been out of the water for some time and wish to refresh their skills.



  • Advanced open water diver (or equivalent).

  • 15 years of age with parental consent or 18 years of age.

  • 25 logged dives.

Knowledge Development

We will work with you prior to getting in the water with the knowledge required to safely enjoy the experience complete with debrief and advice to further enjoy your subsequent dive.

Open water dives

Two open water dives will be conducted using technical diving set-up comprising of a backplate, harness, wing and twin cylinders. The first dive will be to a maximum of 10 metres and for you to practice some very basic safety skills. The second dive will be a little deeper should you wish with an absolute maximum, should you wish, of 24 metres.


Course Duration

One day.


How much is it and what is included?

The course costs £175 and includes:

  • Twinset rental & air fills

  • Backplate, harness & wing hire

  • Technical regulator hire

Travel to and from the training locations and open water sites are your responsibility. You should have your own kit and at a minimum your own drysuit with drysuit qualification unless we are completing the experience along some of our beach sites during the summer months.


What’s next?

Now you’ve taken the first step and you like what you’ve experience your next step will involve you getting to deep diver if you are not already, before progressing to your first technical decompression diver course either TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures (ANDP) or RAID Deco 40.

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