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TDI JJ-CCR No Deco - 30m

4 days - £795
DISCOUNT for two or more!

This entry level JJ-CCR training program has been developed for the use of the JJ-CCR Closed Circuit Rebreather

to dive to a maximum depth of 30 metres with air as a diluent gas. 

The JJ-CCR is a technical rebreather and the skills and knowledge contained within this program are designed

with your safety in mind. It is highly recommended to have your own unit for the course but if you'd prefer we

can rent you a JJ-CCR for £100 per day for the duration of your course.


  • Minimum age 18

  • Advanced open water/Explorer 30


The three day course will combine with equipment & theory workshops and daily dives to take you to a competent level to dive to 30m with air as a diluent gas with no decompression.  



  • Diluent & bail out air fills

  • Bailout cylinder & regulator hire


The cost of your own & instructor's O2 & boat fees should we decide to do so.

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