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5 days - £795
DISCOUNT for two or more!

Extending your range, you'll start using trimix and increasing your knowledge base to effectively conduct deeper, longer decompression dives to a maximum depth of 50m with a decompression obligation of up to 30 minutes. 

Ideally, at this level you should have your own unit, but if you'd prefer we can rent you a JJ-CCR for £100 per day for the duration of your course.



Minimum of 18 years of age

Certified as a RAID Deco 40 diver or equivalent

30 hours on CCR, 5 hours deeper than 27m

Hold current CPR & O2 provider qualification

Knowledge Development             

RAID rebreather training is unique since it utilises an online training platform to deliver all required academic knowledge backed up with a couple of theory sessions to ensure a firm grasp of knowledge. You'll receive lifetime access with regular updates, keeping your finger on the pulse with new developments.

Cost & Duration

5 days - £795


Online manuals with lifetime access to latest updates!

Certification Fee

Instructor’s gas, sofnolime & entry (if applicable)

Bailout & decompression cylinder & regulator hire


The cost of your own gas and sofnolime is not included for the course duration. The training can either take place or culminate at NDAC, there is a fee of £17 per student per day payable directly to the centre. There is also a fee for any additional equipment required to be rented for the course. 


What’s next

Once you have completed a minimum of 50 hours on the JJ-CCR with at least 5 hours deeper than 35m, you can progress to the RAID Deco 60 Trimix course (MOD2). The course is designed to use trimix as a diluent and bailout gas to safely conduct decompression diving to a maximum depth of 60 metres, RAID currently writing Deco 80 and Deco 100 programmes - Exciting times!

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