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Two days - £325
DISCOUNT for two or more!

All CCRs are subtly different, the JJ is one of few that uses rear mounted counter lungs, shearwater electronics, unique positions for dil flush, manual & o2 add etc. The crossover course is specifically designed for already trained CCR divers to learn how to adapt the already learned skills to work on the JJ-CCR and gain basic competence.


Minimum MOD1 CCR diver from any agency.


Knowledge Development             

We’ll refresh the knowledge you already have from diving your CCR and you’ll be given a JJ-CCR manual to accompany your course. Together, we’ll assemble your unit and you’ll see obvious differences between the unit on which you’ve been trained and the JJ-CCR. After analysing, running through our check list and calibration we’ll discuss maintenance, basic skills & emergency procedures before getting the unit in the water.

Open Water Dives

For the next day and a half you’ll be conducting three dives in open water to refresh your skills and learn new methods particular to the JJ-CCR to give you the confidence to dive the unit. The open water dives will culminate with your qualification dive to your maximum depth (30 or 45m). We can run your JJ CCR crossover course at NDAC Chepstow, along the Gower Peninsular or at a couple of carefully selected dive sites along the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline. 


Cost and duration        

Two days, £325.


Instructor's gas, sofnolime & dive site entry (if applicable).

Stage cylinder & regulator rental.

What is not included       

You'll be responsible for your own gas & sofnolime for the course. The JJ CCR training can take place at NDAC Chepstow if you wish, there is a fee of £17 per student per day payable directly to the centre. We can also rent you a JJ-CCR for your course at a cost of £100 per day. 

What's next

As you’ll already be aware, it will be time to gain some experience on the unit before progressing to your next higher level.