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Club Rules, Terms and Conditions – 2019/20

A very warm welcome to the Bay Divers Club for the year 2019/20, our TENTH year!

We invite qualified divers from any dive agency to join our very diverse group of divers of all dive qualification levels, ages and interests. The membership price is fixed at £20 (non-refundable) and the term is from 1st April 2019 until 1st April 2020. 

Members enjoy access to pool sessions, discounted rates on dive courses, discounted rates on equipment purchase & rental, invites to the many club events that we organise throughout the year plus the many foreign dive trips & holidays we organise.

We don’t have a committee and as such you won’t find our club to be like many others which seem to be smothered with policies, rules and regulations; we do, however, have a few guidelines for our members to follow and these are for the benefit of everyone:

  • Diving Standards of the agency and qualification in which a club member has been trained must be adhered to and includes safe diving practices, slow ascent/descent rates, no deco diving if you’re not qualified, safety stops etc. Club members are responsible for their own health, and where applicable diving and travel insurance.

  • All divers in the club owning their own equipment are personally responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

  • Club members are welcome to dive with other dive groups/clubs and this is in fact, encouraged, even if they are local to us, it only helps to expand a club member’s experience base. However, if club members become involved with another dive club in a position of responsibility/authority then this will be considered to be a conflict of interest. Similarly, for our own Divemasters & Instructors, if they choose to teach for someone else that’s fine as long as this isn’t on a freelance basis or for one of our local competitors.

  • No member is authorised to set up accounts, events, create merchandise or likewise in the name of Bay Divers without the Owner’s permission.  No member is authorised to organise group trips for Bay Divers club members without prior approval.

  • If you have a dive planned or booked & wouldn’t mind club members joining you then by all means, put it on the Facebook group page and let’s get club members diving, just please be mindful of any other events /courses planned, have a look at the events list on the facebook club member page, if in doubt - ask!

  • If you’ve requested kit rental for a busy pool session or in open water then can’t make it, please let us know as soon as you can so others are able to rent.

  • Only in absolute exceptional circumstances would a club member be asked to leave the club for instances such as aggression/violence/flagrant disregard for their own or their buddies safety or intentional dangerous practices.

Finally, now all the serious stuff is covered the one rule that must be followed is that you MUST have fun – this is what we’re about!!

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