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TDI JJ-CCR Air Dil (30m) course

4 days - £625

TDIs basic entry level certification for closed circuit rebreather diving using the JJ-CCR. The objective of the course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for diving on the JJ-CCR to a maximum depth of 30m with no decompression using air as a diluent gas. It is highly recommended to have your own unit for the course but if you'd prefer we can rent you a JJ-CCR for £100 per day for the duration of your course.


Skills include:

Setup and maintenance of your unit

Unit calibration

Loop volume management

Buoyancy control

02 monitoring

Bailout & emergency procedures                      


Minimum age 18.

Nitrox diver with a minimum of 20 logged open water dives.         

Knowledge Development             

You'll have a TDI rebreather manual to work through and there'll be a couple of theory sessions throughout the course to go over knowledge reviews and ensure sufficient knowledge is attained prior to the final exam. We'll also conduct a basic service and repair workshop for dive site maintenance & problem solving.

Cost & Duration

4 days - £625


E-manual with lifetime updates!

Certification Fee

Instructor’s gas, sofnolime & entry (if applicable)

Bailout cylinder & regulator hire



The cost of your own gas and sofnolime is not included for the course duration. The JJ-CCR course can either take place or culminate at NDAC Chepstow, there is a fee of £17 per student per day payable directly to the centre. There is also a fee for any additional equipment required to be rented for the course.

What’s next

It's time for you to enjoy your unit and go get some experience. Once you've had your JJ-CCR six months and accumulated 30 hours you can enrol on the TDI Air Diluent Decompression Procedures course or the TDI CCR Helitrox course.

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