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New World - New Skills

So, you’re interested in doing a rebreather course with us!
Advantages of CCRs are that they significantly extend your time in the water, cut your decompression time whilst breathing warm moist gas and having the benefit of gas reserves on your dive.

CCR divers enjoy more time diving shipwrecks or in cave systems, underwater photographers get the

edge due to the distinct lack of bubbles and being silent you as the diver get much more interaction with marine species around you.

Perhaps you’ve wondered about how it must feel to dive a rebreather or perhaps you’ve decided

that closed circuit rebreather diving is for you and you’d like to try dive the JJ-CCR.

You might even be a qualified rebreather diver on another unit, whatever the reason, the stats speak for themselves, far more CCR divers cross over to the JJ than away from it.

Once you’ve dived this unit, there’ll be no going back. There’s been many figures of speech written over the internet regarding the JJ, which has been described as the ‘Rolex’ or the ‘4x4’ of the rebreather world

and the journey to be an instructor on the unit is incredibly selective maintaining the high ethos

& exclusivity surrounding the JJ-CCR, which is only a good thing.

Whatever the reason, you won’t be disappointed.
We are so passionate about this unit we’ve grown a strong club following of divers who have

developed their skills and now dive the highly acclaimed JJ-CCR.
We train our JJ CCR courses in conjunction that is the incredible dive agency DiveRAID..

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