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RAID DECO 80/100

Deco 80 - 4 days - £595 

Deco 100 - One day bolt on - £150 


DISCOUNTS for two divers or more!

Course Outline


A course to further extend our depth and decompression obligation, this course will take you to the outer limits of technical diving.

You'll be in the water with at least three stage cylinders for decompression & travel. 


You will by now be a very competent and capable technical diver ready to join the few hypoxic trimix divers out there.  You will given access to your online course materials & quizzes to work through with a little help before embarking on the open water phase of the course. Naturally, there is massive emphasis on dive planning at this stage and you will be expected to prepare and deliver dive briefs for the entire team simulating long, very deep & unforgiving technical dives using multiple staged decompression.

Open water

After a check dive & skill circuit to assess your competence, over the coming days we will gradually build depth & amount of staged decompression to be done culminating with an 80m dive on day 4. Congratulations, you have earned your 80m certification! Should you then wish to gain your 100m qualification, one dive remains, we'll have a day off between the course and the day of the 100m qualification. 


  • Be a qualified normoxic trimix diver from any agency

  • Hold valid rescue diver, CPR & oxygen administration qualification

  • Have logged 100 hours underwater or 100 dives

  • 20 logged hours between 30-60m

  • 15 logged decompression dives


Course duration & cost

80m - 4 days - £595

100m - 5 days - £645


What is included?

Helium is a variable here & the price you see is the price you pay with no hidden extras apart from your own gas obligation.  

  • Course materials.

  • Decompression stage cylinder & regulator rental.

  • Certification Fee.

  • Instructor's Gas!

What is not included?

You’ll be responsible for all your  & your instructor's gas fills & be expected to have all your own stage regulators. This course will not be conducted in the UK. We have lots of options, from Malin Head in Ireland, Malta or Egypt. Annual technical diving trips are being planned from this year (2022) onwards, Blue Hole in Dahab, a great place to finish your course.


What’s next?

Congratulations! You are an Advanced Trimix diver, one of very few to have dived into triple figures. If you've not thought about investing in your own rebreather perhaps the price of helium has swayed your decision.

Enjoy your diving adventures and dive safe!

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