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5 days - £695 
DISCOUNT for two or more!

Course Outline


Helium has lots of advantages as a breathing gas, it’s lighter with less molecules therefore we absorb less inert gas extending our bottom time & offsetting narcosis. We calculate equivalent air/narcotic depths & maximum operating depths giving us our required mixes, towards the end of the course you'll be in the water with three different gas mixes. 

You'll learn the following:

  • Equipment selection & preparation

  • Advanced dive planning

  • END/EADs

  • CNS & OTUs

  • ICD

  • Deco gas choices

  • Emergency and contingency planning

  • Decompression diving procedures

    • Drills & skills including shutdowns 

    • Following a decompression schedule

    • Multiple gas switching & accelerated deco procedures with 2-3 stage cylinders

    • Team awareness and communication



  • Entry level technical diver course from any agency

  • 65 logged hours or 100 logged dives

  • 20 hours between 30 - 50m

  • 10 logged decompression dives

Knowledge Development

On-line training materials for RAID, manuals for PADI/TDI to work through with dedicated teach-ins prior to the final stages of the course.

Course duration & cost

4 days -£695

What is included?

  • Online course materials & free lifetime access/updates.

  • 1x Decompression stage cylinder & regulator rental.

  • Certification Fee.


What is not included?

You will be liable for your & your Instructor's gas & boat fees if applicable. Travel to and from the training locations and open water sites are your responsibility. At the time of writing, NDAC Chepstow has been closed and alternative inland water sites are being investigated. Perhaps you could join us at a club trip to Malin Head, Malta or Egypt to complete this course, get in touch, we'll discuss.

What’s next?

No doubt you’ll be thinking about progressing from this level for a specific reason, perhaps to explore rarely ever dived shipwrecks and divesites or to get involved in an exploration project – Exciting stuff, we talk from experience! You’ll be eligible once you’ve acquired the necessary pre-requisites in dives & time in the water. Might be time to invest in a rebreather, repeated OC helium dives will pay for one in the long run!

Get Involved

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