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4 days - £650   2 days £295-£350 

 INCLUDES Instructor's Gas!

DISCOUNT for two or more!

PADI TEC 45 & 50



L2 Course Outline

Once you’ve been certified as a Level 1 diver you can automatically progress to one of the level 2 courses we have on offer for you.

RAID - If you've completed your RAID Deco 40 course you can progress to the RAID Deco 50 course. If you have nitrox, deep & rescue diver qualification you can proceed straight to the RAID Deco 50 without having to complete the RAID Deco 40 course!

TDI - On completion of TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco procedures you can progress to TDI Helitrox or Extended Range. 

PADI TecRec -  After the PADI Tec 40 course you’ll complete the PADI Tec 45 & Tec 50 course before progressing further.

These courses will further develop your skills and confidence and whilst you breathe a normal percentage of oxygen we will introduce you to diving with helium. We’ll be extending your bottom time whilst reducing the narcotic quality of nitrogen slightly deeper, longer and making the dive feel it was much shallower, narcosis now firmly a thing of the past!



Be a qualified level 1 diver or equivalent from any other agency. dependent.


Knowledge Development

If you’ve chosen the RAID system, you would have been given access to your on-line training materials to work through with the guidance of your instructor before we concentrate on your practical training, you can also print these if you like. For PADI TecRec & TDI you will given a manual for you to work through and complete your knowledge reviews. Your theory will now focus more on dive planning, with a sound grasp of understanding oxygen and helium as a diving gas and calculating such things as central nervous system and oxygen tracking units. 

Course duration & cost

RAID DECO 50 – 4 days - £650

PADI TEC 45 – 2 days - £295

PADI TEC 50 – 2 days - £350

TDI Helitrox (45m) – 1 day - £195

TDI Extended Range (55m) - 4 days - £595

What is included?

  • Course materials

  • Decompression cylinder and stage regulator hire.

  • Certification Fee.

  • Instructor's Gas & entry (if applicable).

What is not included?

Travel to and from the training locations and open water sites are your responsibility. The training normally culminates at NDAC Chepstow and there is an entrance fee per day payable directly to the centre. We can also use various other open water sites, weather & depth dependent and we also have access to hard bottomed boats & RIBs should you prefer but these carry an extra fee payable to the boat skipper. 


What’s next?

it’s time now to rack up your experience and get in some trimix deco diving before progressing to the next level or you have realised the benefits of closed circuit diving and wish to commence a rebreather course. 

On your trimix course we drop the quality of the oxygen, relying on depth to increase the partial pressure and we substantially increase the percentage of helium in the mix allowing more bottom time, deeper depth and greater decompression obligation whilst diving with two or more stage cylinders to accelerate decompression. At this level, you’ll be classed as a true, seasoned, technical diver.