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Deco  40 - 4 days - £595
Deco 50 - 6-7 days - £795
Excludes your or Instructor's gas & boat fees if applicable.
DISCOUNTS for two or more!


Course Outline


The vast majority of the skills learnt in the first two days will give you a sound understanding of the equipment you will use for your technical diving and the associated skills to handle emergencies effectively underwater. 

From day three the emphasis will be on learning how to conduct safe simulated and live staged decompression using up to 100 percent oxygen in your stage cylinder to a maximum depth of 40/50 metres. 

The RAID Deco 40 can be conducted on a twinset OR a single cylinder, long hose with ability to utilise trimix! If you not only have deep diver and nitrox but also Rescue Diver as a prerequisite you can proceed straight to the RAID Deco 50 course without having to complete this level! On-line course materials which are most up to date in our opinion with lifetime access to updates. 

 Pre-requisities - Deco 40

  • Deep diver with nitrox qualification

  • 18 years of age

  • 20 logged hours or 40 dives 


Pre-requisities - Deco 50

  • Deep diver with nitrox qualification

  • 18 years of age

  • 50 logged hours or 75 dives 

  • Logged 5 hours between 25m & 40m

  • Rescue diver

  • In date for first aid/CPR


Prior to course commencement you will be set up with your online learning materials and will complete these under supervision prior to undertaking any open water dives. 

 Open water dives

  • Deco 40 - Five open water dives 

  • Deco 50 - Eight open water dives or three if coming from Deco40 or equivalent.

Course Duration & cost

RAID Deco40 - 4-5 days - £595

Deco 50 - 6-7 days - £795

What is included?

  • Online course materials with lifetime access.

  • Decompression cylinder and stage regulator hire.

  • Certification.

 What is not included?

Travel to and from the training locations and open water sites are your responsibility. Your and your instructor's gas is not included. In the UK we have access to hard bottomed boats & RIBs if no suitable inland site is available in the wake of NDAC Chepstow closure. You will be required to have your own drysuit for the course unless we complete the course at an open water site in the UK in summer should you wish or abroad. Any further equipment you require, we can hire this to you at a reasonable cost, including a fully rigged twinset complete with backplate, harness wing and tec regs!

 What’s next?

Once you’ve completed your entry level technical course it’s time to rack up your experience and get some decompression dives done before thinking about progressing onto a 60 metre normoxic trimix course. Alternatively, you might realise that trimix is expensive and if you’re intending in doing a lot of it, perhaps a rebreather is the answer, talk to us!

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