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RAID Divemaster


RAID Deco 50 Diver

TDI Deco Procedures Diver

Sidemount Diver

Wreck Diver


Andy learned to dive with Bay Divers five years ago and completed the vast majority of training courses with us. A thoroughly engaging character, he enjoys nothing more than assisting students in the pool and in open water alike. A very keen and competent technical diver, Andy recently completed his RAID Deco 50 course, using trimix as a backgas and anything up to 100% oxygen for accelerated decompression. An avid wreck diver Andy has enjoyed diving some of the deep wrecks of the south coast of England and Egypt, he's also dived in the Caribbean and participated in the Bay Divers expedition to South Africa searching for long lost shipwrecks. Andy is now very much looking forward to his future diving experiences.