Karl – PADI, Instructor for DSAT Trimix, TDI Trimix, PADI Staff, JJ-CCR – Lead Technical Instructor
A former military diver with more than 20 years diving experience Karl has dived extensively throughout the UK and all over the world both in the work and recreational environments in far flung places such as the Med, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, South Africa, Far East, North & South Pacific and throughout Australasia including the world renowned sunken WWII Japanese fleet at Truk Lagoon. Whilst serving, Karl came over into the PADI system on the experienced scuba diver programme in 1997 and progressed in his spare time to the upper instructor levels both in PADI & TDI. Karl is qualified to teach a wide range of PADI recreational courses from beginner to Asisstant Instructor level and can teach some thirteen speciality courses, plus first aid & CPR. He is also a technical instructor in the PADI DSAT & TDI systems teaching courses ranging from ‘Intro to Tec’ which allows recreational divers to see what it’s like diving a twinset , through to Advanced Trimix Diver. After many years of rebreather diving Karl also teaches a number of closed circuit rebreather courses using the prestigious JJ CCR unit. His passion is wreck diving and not only enjoys teaching the subject but has explored many shipwrecks throughout the world and has many wreck hunting aspirations that might one day come to fruition! In addition to anything wreck related he particularly enjoys teaching rebreather courses and progressing divers into the new world of technical diving. An experienced advanced trimix rebreather diver Karl has dived his JJ-CCR to depths in excess of 100 metres and has been involved in a number of exploration projects, one of which is still on-going. In 2014 one such project found a long lost shipwreck miles off the South African coast for which he found himself live on television at the ITV studios. Karl stated “I consider myself to be very much a people person and technical diving aside, I absolutely love introducing individuals to the aquatic realm and watching their enthusiasm and confidence grow whilst sharing my passion and experiences with them”.
Kev – PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer - Lead Recreational Instructor
Kev Kev has been diving for the last five years but in that time has racked up a lot of experience and progressed rapidly through the PADI system to become a very competent and capable instructor. He is Bay Divers’ lead instructor for our recreational courses from our Discover Scuba courses through Open Water course to Rescue Diver and Divemaster, he likes nothing more than helping students progress, assisting them overcome hurdles with his approachable and friendly manner. Kev enjoys seeing a bunch of individuals at the start of an open water course who develop their friendships with other students, who go on to become good friends at the end which is brought together with our dive club which now numbers more than fifty. With extensive knowledge of West Wales divesites, Kev has dived in Lanzarote, Malta and Mauritius plus several times in Turkey, he is a qualified first aid instructor and a speciality instructor in Drysuit, Underwater Navigation, Deep Diver, Search & Recovery, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy and conservation specialities such as Coral Reef and ‘Project Aware’ which increases environmental education through diver education. He also has recently qualified as Sea Survival specialist instructor, a course designed alongside the RNLI.
Dave – PADI Assistant Instructor

A likeable, engaging and welcoming character with a healthy sense of humour Dave has been diving for more than 10 years and from the moment he took his first breath was hooked, he's mostly dived along our beautiful South Wales Coastline. Since obtaining his PADI Assistant Instructor rating Dave enjoys nothing more than imparting his knowledge of the wonders of the underwater world to new students . An experienced photographer, Dave is Bay Divers' very own Digital Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor which enables him to help divers and snorkelers alike to get the most out of their underwater photos. Dave has a passion for first aid training and is not only a first aid instructor but also runs courses in his own right, teaching courses form Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals, Paediatric, First Aid at Work and Scuba First Aid. One of Dave's highlights has been diving with wild dolphins and being accompanied mischievous seals tugging on his fins, instances occurring along our West Wales coastline. In the near future Dave is aiming to progress his diving career and gain his full Instructor Rating which will enable him to be a more effective part of the Bay Divers Crew.

Jason – PADI - Assistant Instructor

 Jason has been diving for the past eight years. His wife got him his first open water course as a surprise birthday present and he's been hooked ever since.He has dived in a variety of places around the world including Mexico (the cenotes are a must to do) cuba,(the bay of pigs is brilliant diving) Dominican Republic,Egypt,Spain and not forgetting our fantastic welsh coastline where he has completed numerous dives all around the coastline also completing a dive on the wreck called the lucy. Jason has completed a few speciality courses to include deep,drysuit and nitrox . He is looking forward to completing more.Jason is a dsd instructor and loves seeing students through their courses from the very first breath under water  in the pool to completing their open water dives. 

Frances – PADI Assistant Instructor
Frances Frances has been a very keen swimmer from a young age which led to her curiosity in trying scuba in the pool at the age of 11. She instantly fell in love with the sensation of breathing underwater and gained her PADI open water certification at the age of 12. Unable to stop ever since, she's dived in Malta, Menorca, Egypt, Turkey and Wales of course! With a passion to learn more and experience the underwater world closer to home, Frances began UK diving in Pembrokeshire completing a range of speciality courses with particular interest in conservation, photography and wreck diving. An experienced PADI professional, Frances has worked for two seasons in Turkey after completing her Divemaster and Assistant Instructor course in 2012. An energetic, understanding and outgoing individual, she is passionate about her diving and enjoys guiding dives and introducing scuba diving to customers and helping beginners gain confidence in the water to enjoy a safe and exciting experience. She states “For me the most rewarding part of being an assistant instructor is helping someone overcome a challenge or fear to achieve their goals, sharing their happiness in success and freedom to explore the beauty of the sea.” Amongst some of my most memorable dives include swimming with seals off Skomer Island in West Wales and diving alongside turtles in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Rhod– PADI Divemaster
Rhod Rhod learned to dive with Bay Divers five years ago and it all started when he decided to go travelling to the South Pacific. Before he departed he completed not only his PADI Open Water course but also the Advanced Open Water course, allowing him to dive to 30 metres whilst on his trip. On reflection he stated that learning to dive was the best thing he’s ever done. He considers himself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to dive with sharks, dolphins, turtles and all matter of sea life in their natural habitat in far flung places such as Mexico, Tahiti, Western Samoa and Egypt. After completing his Rescue Diver course in Spain he decided to enrol in the Divemaster programme through Bay Divers qualifying in 2013 and is also a qualified Discover Scuba Diver Leader allowing him to teach try dives. Rhod also has several PADI specialities to his name such as deep, wreck & ntirox, he particularly enjoys wreck diving and discovering the intriguing history behind them.
Tamara – PADI Divemaster
Tamara Tamara was born and raised in Holland and moved to the UK in December 2014, joining Bay Divers shortly afterwards. When she was 17 Tamara attained her open water certification in Curaçao, Dutch Anitlles, in the sunny Carribbean which was shortly followed by her advanced open water (30 metre) course. Since being with Bay Divers she has completed her wreck diver, deep diver and nitrox courses and the icing on the cake was completing her Divemaster course in 2016. Since attaining her Divemaster qualification Tamara can frequently be seen taking new divers for their first breaths underwater and particularly enjoys the challenges of working with children, helping them get used to the water and having fun with them whilst retaining an element of control. Tamara feels ‘It's absolutely awesome to get people to experience the freedom and relaxation that diving gives you'. A friendly, charismatic and engaging character Tamara enjoys all different types of diving; wrecks, reefs, sealife, cold water and the nice warm clear waters too “The variety is what makes it so amazing!”
Ewan – PADI Divemaster
Ewan Ewan learned to dive in 2009 and soon discovered his passion for scuba diving shortly after completing his PADI Open Water course. Diving in Malta that year he wasted no time progressing to do his Advanced Water course, allowing him to explore deeper wrecks in the 30 metre range. He considers himself to be lucky to have seen all manner of sea life and dived a vast array of different shipwrecks, particularly those littered around the stunning coast of Malta. In 2012 he qualified as a Divemaster and gets immense enjoyment from helping people learn, overcome difficulties and progress. Ewan has also completed several PADI specialities courses such as deep, wreck, nitrox and his drysuit course. With a passion for wreck diving Ewan has also qualified as a Discover Scuba Diving Leader allowing him to guide dives on sites he is familiar with. In 2016 he progressed into the world of technical diving passing his Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures in 2016 and now looks forward to what the future holds for him.